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I’ve put up a few lightly used prototypes on the Etsy shop at very reduced prices. Go grab one! Maybe the outfit pictured up here?…

Photo: Mosh by Viva Van Story

How about another stunning picture of Scarlet Saint in our Lush dress? :D
Have a great weekend everyone!

Model: Scarlet Saint
Photographer: Alex Leacey
Retouch: DollyBones
Latex: HMSlatex
Jewellery: Little Doe

Model: Scarlet Saint
Photographer: Alex Leacey
Retouch: DollyBones
Latex: HMSlatex
Jewellery: Little Doe

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Gillian Anderson

The beauty of AMAs is bringing back sweet things from the past <3

Sara Scarlet wearing HMSlatex

by Mathieu Richardoz

India Rose by Marc Schwartz

The lovely Elegy Ellem in our Lithium dress by Hakan Dauvén

Kay Morgan in our Snaffle dress, by the amazing Stephane Roy